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Account unbanned, but...
11 July 2012
Posted in EverQuest II
Yesterday late my account was finally unbanned again, but it didn't go that easy, nor did things really go right...

Lets start with (not) easy...
As I've said, I made my (re)payment directly to Global Collect for the 3-month subscription on June 30, the moment I received the eMail that the other payment had been recharged by the bank. Yeah, I know, old account number, shit happens, and $O bans me AFTER I've notified them of my mistake
If all things were right, then $O would have notified Global Collect about my upcoming payment (or request a new ID for it, whatever), and computers will do the rest automated. But nooo... $O are a bunch of @sses and only ask me to depisit my 34,47 directly into Global Collect's bank-account under some ID, and as expected, things don't go as they should...
On July 4 I call Global Collect (thank God it's am free 0800-number) and explain the things. The service representative I spoke can't check the bank-statements, but will make it a ticket. Two days later I receive an eMail that all is well and my 34,47 is forwarded to $O and I should be able to play again shortly. Again: Noooo....
Two days later, my $O support ticket about my account is still open (even after an update I made) and my account still banned, so I reply to the Global Collect eMail telling them that I still can't play and asking them to contact $O for me. That they did (by exception BTW).
Again 2 days pass, but I finally get an extremely short eMail from $O support that my account has been released (and the ticket closed).

Indeed, all but easy and it took over 2 weeks for $O to get my account unbanned, while things could have been a lot easier since I was the one offering to settle the error I made an easy way...

Aside from 2 weeks not being able to play EverQuest II, there are a couple things that went wrong.
For starters, the moment my account was banned, I lost around 300SC, which have not been refunded yet. But since I've been playing for free for such a long time, I won't bug them about that at all
Then there's still the 1 month PlanetSide subscription that's running. An other thing I won't bug them about since I'm totally not interested in that crappy game.
And lastly the (new) starting date of my 3-month subscription. That's been set to June 20, 11 days after I originally started playing EverQuest II again. Basically I've 'lost' 3 days of subscription because of this whole fuzz. Again, not bothering about it because I've played for free for such a long time

And how further now..?
I do like EverQuest II, but I most certainly dislike $O even more than I already did. Luckily the European services will be handed over to ProSevenSat.1 Games in about 30 days. Though I have little fate in them (they have 7Games), I will be able to keep playing on the US servers, so only the way to logon will be a bit different I guess. I do hope that their customer service will be better than $O's and their subscription as good as that what $O offers.

On the other hand, why bother About EverQuest II that much? I mean, Late August, Guild Wars 2 will be released, I still have to play some Guild Wars for the nice (cosmetic) rewards and in September/October Lord of the Rings online's expansion Riders of Rohan will be released (which I will certainly play). By the looks of it, I just don't have enough time to play EverQuest II after next month

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