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Confirmation of my tiredness - FINALLY!
20 January 2012
Posted in About me

Yesterday I've had the provisional diagnosis of the psychological assessment I took last week, and there were no real surprises there Let me share some of the highlights of the provisional diagnosis:

  • I do have ADD (one diagnosis I already had)
  • I do have autism characteristics (we knew that already, but at least it's officially diagnosed now)
  • I am highly intelligent (no kidding? )
  • My memory is lapsing (very true. Tell me 10 names and then ask me the 1st one again and I probably won't know)
  • My concentration is lapsing (one of the things I applied the WIA allowance for)
  • Under pressure my concentration lapses even more (yeah, that became clear during the tests )
  • I am very social (kinda contradicts with having autism), but don't know what to do with feelings (hey, that's autism...)
  • I'm not manic depressed (now that's a relieve!)

And there were some more things, which I don't really remember at this moment (hey memory lapsing..? )

But still, my tiredness wasn't included in all of this. But for that the psychologist also had an explanation...

All these years, I've put on a mask to hide my feelings, unknowing what to do with them, and showed a social, humorous person. This has taken so much energy over time, that my feelings are in heavy dis-balance. Because of this, my sleep is disturbed (waking up 2 to 3 times a night is normal, allowing me to sleep for about 5 hours average at best). Being this tired in the morning, over the day I have to rest or my muscles (mostly in my legs & arms) will start to harden, ache and spasm (not openly uncontrolled spasms, but my muscles do twitch a lot), and the psychologist called this a psychosis of the body (and now that was new for me).

Because of this, the psychologist will advice the UWV an hour reduction (he didn't say how much yet, I'll probably hear that next week) as an addittion to my WIA application that's in appeal right now.

Finally, almost half a year after I've applied for this WIA allowance, my tiredness is confirmed. Something the WIA doctor didn't believe me telling that I'm physically tired because of my mental 'condition'. Finally some recognition of my tiredness complaints!

Next week I'll get the full diagnostic report and I'll keep you updated then

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