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Time to (re)play 2 classics
30 January 2016
Posted in Computer games

I figured to be playing Elite: Dangerous with my new Razer Hydras, but then the flu caught me, along with heavy caughing and a soar throat. That means little to no playing Elite: Dangerous because VoiceAttack would go nuts and I'd net get to flying around. Though I didn't try it yet, I fear the flu kinda changed my voice in a way that makes it harder for the PC to understand what I'm saying...

Instead I thought it was time to pick up 2 classics and play those: Planescape Torment and Mass Effect.

I thought it was time to pick up Planescape Torment again because Torment: Tides of Numenera just got into beta/early access. And while I did pledge for the game, I don't have access to the beta and won't be spending an other $20 to get into it. Instead I figured I'd get back to Monte Cook's roots with playing Planescape Torment to get to know his storytelling a bit better.
Yes, that's right, get to know it a bit better... In the pas I did play a bit of Planescape Torment, but not as much as Baldur's Gate, which I nearly compelted back in the days (until my harddrive crashed and I lost all saves ). The only problem with Planescape Torment is it's age and that it's showing it terribly. I mean full screen only mode in a 640x480 resolution isn't as pretty now as it was back then (was it even pretty back then..? ) A good thing though that we're almost 20 years further and a lot of mods have been created to boost the game. I can now effectively play it in full HD, though still 16 bit...

And then Mass Effect... An other classic that I never really got to play. This as mostly because of Dragon Age: Origins and my time spent on Lineage II. Oh yeah, there was also a mini-boss early in the game (well, for my level it's a mini-boss ) that I could not get past and because I also played the other 2 games I kinda gave up on it. This time I'm more serious about it and have beaten that mini-boss already. Only problem though is that the game keeps crashing on my current PC with the weirdest errors you can imagine, all related to D3D and graphics. Well, that problem is solved, because it appears to be that too much RAM is causing it and there's a mod to get around it.

Of the 2 games, I've spent the most time in Mass Effeect the last couple of days, but that's got more to do because I'm too lazy to insert the Planescape Torment discs and play DJ with them...

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