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I have a CBT1 key
11 December 2015
Posted in MMORPGs

OMG some games are so popular that getting a free (closed beta) key for is close to impossible. had a couple of keys (3x 1.000 keys) to give away the last few days, but they were gone in no-time and each and every time I was too late (even after 15 minutes ;;)). In the last CBT key give-away thread on someone linked to an otehr site giving away 2500 keys (gone already as well so not linking it anymore) and there I was lucky and got one.

But one thing really bugs me... Those people staling the keys are actually selling them on eBay (and prolly other sites as well) for around $15. This is illegal activity according to the eBay guidelines and I am keeping an eye out to report them all - death to bots!

And then there are also asses like kadespyson (handle on taking a dozen keys at once. He's not sharing them from the looks of it and (most likely) will be selling them as well.

I know Black Desert is the next coming of Jesus, but man the way keys are handled on sites and the (illegal) trade of them really makes me wonder how badly things can go. On the other side, the (illegal) trade of CBT keys also shows how popular the game already is and how badly people are willing to play it...

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11 December 2015 - -No title-
Posted by guest-user Zylo
I signed for most of MMORPG closed betas immediatelly when they opened signups, to this day I have yet to recieve any closed beta key for any MMORPG I signed for.

Blade&Soul is one of them, I blame this new marketing strategy of pledge packs and simply because the 1st signups are usually forgotten and deleted because some game take way more time localizing and they just redo signups again.

12 December 2015 - -No title-
Posted by guest-user DemiGoth
Damn, wish I knew you were interested in BnS. I had a key and gave it away to some random person on a forum. Would much rather have given it to you...

15 December 2015 - CBT1 Key
Posted by guest-user jack
I managed to get a CBT1 key from here <img src= border=0> still some left

15 December 2015 - Expensive key
Posted by guest-user DemiGoth
Good to hear you have a key, but it's an expensive one with that mobile subscription (12 for me).

Hope to see you in game tomorrow!

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