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My mental and physical state
22 October 2015
Posted in About me

2 days ago I promised an update on how I'm doing both mentally and physically. Though I promised I'd post it yesterday, I didn't feel up to it becaus eof an extreme fatigue that I've had all day. Sadly though, the night before I slept very well and around 8 hours (for a change), but somehow that caused the fatigue I think...

But before I get started on it, an opther couple of updates...
1. My WIA allowance has been canceled as of late September because if I can be busy on the computer (play and create games) for the better part of the day, the workinghour reduction of 30 hours per week is no longer applied. Of course, I've brought that to court te get the WIA allowance back.
2. I'm no longer working for the Dutch Postal Network (PostNL) because after the fatigue from the B12 deficiency (still on supplements for it), it also appeared that I'm having more medical issues than the deficiency alone. Most importantly is artrosis in both my knees, of which the right one aches like hell most of the time, and an other one is a dubious ANA, whcih micht cause rheumatic complaints in the muscle vibers and from time to time my right hand is aching badly and pretty much unusable.
3. Though not working for PostNL, I am on sick-leave for that 13 hours a week and the UWV company doctor thought my mental state was worst than before and wanted me to take an other neuro-psychological assessment.

The first one has been almost 4 years ago now and compared with the one I took early this month, a couple of things were the same and a couple were new.
The concentration test for instance where I was shown papers with different colors (red, green, blue and yellow) was the same, and I had to name them all. The 2nd paper showed them written in the color and I had to name them as well. The 3rd one was the colors written in a different one, and I had to name the color used, and that once again proofed difficult. But compared to last time I made a slight improvement.
An other couple of tests were 100s of questions (I've had 4 to 6 lists to complete - don't remember the exact number anymore) of which 2 were the same and the rest were new.

The diagnosis that came from it were indeed worse than 4 years ago. The autism that I'm having has been progressed, or rather is showing more than last time (it can't progress because it's not a decease ) and the same goes for the ADD I'm having. Where last time the psychologist kept things a bit on the 'good side', this time he made clear statements on how I'm doing and what my (working) limitations are, and those are worst than last time... He also stated that I do need to spend so much time behind the PC to channel my thoughts and relax my mind and that because I'm still sleeping badly (an average of 4 hours a night already and it was 5 a couple of years ago ), my psycho-somatic complaints as well as the artrosis and dubious ANA have no time to rest and thus the 30-hour working week limitation should stay as it was.

So yeah, I'm doing worst than before, and it also was the reason I decided to quit the blog a while a go. It's also the reason I'm not programming at the moment (my mind is badly unconcentrated lately) and take lots of rests.

Also worth to note that the latest neuro-psychological report has been sent to my lawyer to bring it into the court appeal as well. But so far I haven't heard on it, because that was only early this week (Dutch lawsuits are so slow, but I think it's like that everywhere...)

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24 October 2015 - -No title-
Posted by guest-user Armando
Good to read your blog and to see you fighting and not giving up!
Although it's very good indeed that you go and do checkups, remember not to read so much into that test you did. The mental state you were in before you took the test can also play a huge part on how you do on it. If you were feeling down due to external factors or because of your illness on the day of the test then its natural that you would not do so good. Now imagine you were doing something on Lineage 2 and out of nowhere you get a Tauti Axe just a couple of hours before the test!!! You would be over the moon and I believe that would translate on the test. We all have have shitty days. Some of us have more, others have less. Trying and not letting them get to us and seeing the good things in life is what we should all do.
About the court thing, go in the proceedings, address the lawyer that represents the government or the people that cut the WIA from you and point him the middle finger with a smile!

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