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Innova - Freedom of speech & banhammer
20 January 2016
Posted in Lineage II

This will most likely be my last post about L2Classic and Innova. I have totally give up on it and the refund request for my subscriptions have been pushed to PayPal and I'm waiting for it... In the mean time, a couple of things have come to my attention that (once again) shows what kind of shithole a company Innova is...

First off the freedom of speech, or rather the lack of it... As always, I've made a couple of very criticizing post on their forum (which have gained a lot of likes from other users), but these posts have either been locked now or moved into the 'Big Bot QQ' thread. One of my posts called 'Innova CAN (and SHOULD) activily ban bots' has been moved there, because the moderators think it's not meant to report bots on the forums. EXCUSE ME? I was not reporting a single bot there and only pointed out how they can (and SHOULD ) find and ban bots...

An other thread if mine with lots of user likes is called 'EU server..? Kidding right?' (which is a simple copy/paste from my blog post of January 10) has been closed as well, but the reason is a bit odd "there have been several similar threads already made covering similar topics. I'm locking this thread.". You're kidding right? To make up with closing the thread, the moderator links to a post of Amarantha with the number of bans the last 2 weeks. Uhm... that was not the point of my posts to at all!

And while at it... The banhammer that has been swung and Amantha has written about...

 photo Screenshot 2016-01-20 17.24.38_zpsvsunxdsc.png

I hope you guys at Innova feel god about you... But in 1 month time you have banned only 1200 accounts. Though the number is impressive, on the forums players voice a botting amount of 30-50% of the player base. And with over 15K pre-prepurchases that would mean 3000-7500 bots at least. And don't tell me that us legit players didn't report them all. I'm sure we've already covered them all, but if players like iPKU (one mentioned a lot for adena buying and botting) is still active, you guys just FAIL BIG TIME.

Also, I wonder why 77 characters have been banned and not the accounts of these 77 characters... Add to that that 50 'high level players' have been banned 1-10 days for obtaining adena from bots. I wonder who's bots that are... Were they BUYING adena or OWNING the bots that farm adena? Well, don't care too much, in both cases it's a BANNABLE OFFENCE according to the EULA. Or does Innova not want to loose the leaders of the big clans on the server..?

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