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Botting allowed as long as you're there?
15 January 2016
Posted in Lineage II

The Innova L2C forums have been buzzing this morning about a twitch streamer that's clearly botting, or at least having his gameplay automated. I immediately reported this 'player' to Amarantha and DeepBlue (who both have certain GM powers in game as well), and here's the reply I had from Amarantha:

 photo Screenshot 2016-01-15 10.43.42_zpsttpizyhs.png

As you can imagine, I was furious about this answer and I dropped this screenshot in the buzzing topic with the comment "So botting is allowed as long as you're at the keyboard", followed by a comment that I'll request a refund because Innova clearly can't keep their end of the bargain of the EULA (and thus according to EU law the contract can be canceled).

It might not come as a surprise, but dropping this screenshot got me banned on the forums till the end of March (long live my own domains and infinite forum accounts ) ad the message was deleted. Oddly enough, Amarantha did come up with some weird reply...

 photo Screenshot 2016-01-15 12.48.54_zpso50vhjqp.png

I'm not sure, but I don't think they were AFK at the momen. I suspect that the revolting player on the forum did kinda push her to take this action, and indeed, on the steam I saw them disconnect one by one.

Now the odd parts of this all...
1. This dude is as dumb as dumb can be - he kept streaming an other hour after he got his D/C with all of his toons...
2. This dude is from Russia, made a ticket and did get support, while according to Innova's own policy, those not living within the supported area (2.9 from the EULA that I posted earlier) will not get support. GMDoctor told him his character (not account ) was suspended for 7 days. Okay, his stream showed he has 6 days of sub left, but IMO he should be banned permanently. Later in that ticket he also admitted to have been banned from Grand Kain (L2C RU) and there he promised not to bot anymore - PERM BAN FOR SURE!
3. During the time he kept streaming I've seen lots of info (and recorded it - 94 minutes of a cheater at work ). Amongst the info I saw was also his WebPay account, where it became clear he's one of the adenasellers on the server. Of course, this part of the recordings I've uploaded and shared with Amarantha & DeepBlue...

But I ask you... Why on earth is botting (or in this dude's case automated gameplay - he didn't use a 3rd party program) allowed when you're still around at the keyboard. Eventhough I doubt he's been at the keyboard the whole 10 hours of his stream, IMO automated gameplay IN ANY FORM should be an INSTANT and PERMANENT BAN, regardless if you're using 3rd party software, your programmable keyboard or even have some keys pressed by weights. You are automating gameplay FFS!

Well, at least this guy got banned. Hopefully all of the characters played from his IP address and in his party will be banned as well now that the adenaselling has become clear. But none the less, I have filed the refund request anyway, becuse this whole debacle just shows how bad Innova actually is at enforcing their EULA...

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