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At lot of mechanics at work
17 December 2015
Posted in MMORPGs

I remember when starting to play EVE online and being overwhelmed by the number of game mechanics at work there. And so far, EVE online has been the only game that overwhelmed by the sheer number of game mechanics thrown at you at the start of the game. By now I've played Black Desert for 12 hours or so and I feel that I'm only starting to see the surface of all the mechanics at work in the game. Though not as overwhelming as what EVE online throws at you, there's a lot of things to learn the moment you set foot in the game.

For starters, there are about a dozen XP bars running on your character. A lot are there for the different kind of crafting, but there are also 4 XP bars on the UI showing your characters main progress. Though not overly difficult, they are linked to a lot of other stuff in the game that you need to keep track of. Two are prety generic - Character level XP and Skill level XP. The other two however are more important...

Energy points (3rd bar) are used for all crafting and gathering your character does and they regenerate with 1 point every 3 minutes. Energy points are not used as intesively as ArcheAge's (I do have to name the abomination here) crafting points. Oh yes, at times you wish you had more Energy points, but you can do with the small amount you have (39 at my current level 11).

The 4th bar is Contribution Points. This one is a bit odd and needs close attention. XP for it is gained through quests (kinda odd for a sandbox game), but comes in very small amounts. Usage of contribution is somethingto keep an eye on because it's used for housing. And it's the housing where things become interesting... You need it for extra storage (in a town ), can make different work spaces of it or just a residence (you can have 5 across the world). The work spaces need to be manned (bought, much like slaves IMO) by workers who can then craft the stuff you need (and thus save Evergy points, not to mention the work spaces are more efficient than you).

Then there is territory control for guilds. No clue yet on that, because creating a guild costs 80K silvers (or 100K when upgrading the free clan). But as single player you can make routes from node to node (working on that at the moment) by doing quests (again, it's a sandbox FFS!). From a movie I've seen these routes are needed to get stuff from a gathering spot back to your houses. Sadly though, I was busy on those routes, but the server went down for maintenance

IN all, 12 hours down the road and there's still so much to learn of the game. It has so many things you can do that it's overwhelming (and fun!). And from the looks of it I think that Black Desert will be my main MMORPG when it's released...

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