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Wildstar F2P - still kinda ...meh...
10 December 2015
Posted in MMORPGs

I know I've written that Wildstar is somewhat okay, and I think it still is. But the points of concern I pointed out back then (replay value as most important one) are still valid I think...

With Wildstar having gone Free2Play, and my account being 'veteran status' I figured to give it an other try. Well, truth been told, graphics are still fun, and same for the humor used in the game. But there's something missing for me, and by that I don't mean lots of players running around (which I expected for the game being F2P now). It's rather that one X-factor that's missing for me, or perhaps the way too eacy 'kid holding hand' feeling the game overall gives.

I made a new character to give the game a new go (and also because I had no clue what I was doing with my old one ), and the content was litterally the same as I've already played before. Even with it being over 18 months ago, I remembered precicely what to do - yups zero replay value there Okay, I could make a character for the 'other side', but after having played one character there, the replay value for that side would be zero again. And though it's Free2Play, I do want to feel some sense to make a new character, other than just a new class...

And then the MMO feeling, or rather lack of it... Yeah, still the same shit on a different day and different game. Wildstar is yet an other MMORPG where you play SOLO till the end and from that moment on it becomes a HUB game where you'll be on waiting lists for raids (not 100% sure, but up to 20 it's fully a solo project so far). And if I wanted to play a solo game where I could team up on higher (capped?) levels, I'd much rather install Lord of the Rings online again (lifetime subscription) or even take a subscription to World of Warcraft...

In general I think Wildstar once again fails to provide and even as Free2Play the server is pretty empty. I honestly fear that this game won't be around for too long unless something REALLY WEIRD happens and hordes of new players start to play it. On the other side, it's a free World of Warcraft clone so why not play it (if you're into that kind of MMO - I'm clearly not...)

[UPDATE] When uninstalling Wildstar, I saw that it also installed the crapware Akamai NetSession Interface on my PC. I did not give permission for this piece of shit to be installed on my system and it's one more reason NOT TO PLAY Wildstar. Akamai is known to eat a lot of (background) internet bandwidth because it keeps streaming the game to other players who still need to download it

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