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I need to take a break - signs are there...
02 December 2015
Posted in Lineage II

I know when it's time for me to take a break form Lineage II - I'm starting to take unneccisary risks everywhere. And that's what I've been doing the last coupld of days as well.

The +10 Periel dualswords... They didn't go to +11 and are +0 again QQ
My +4 Blessed Apocalypse Avengar 2SA 300 attribite did go to +5, but that's done with risk (as well as to +4...)
My Orfen Soul Earring is no longer +4
A Butchers Blade I had on +9 is +0 again

Yes, I'm taking risks that I don't need to take and that's always a sign for me to take a break, and I will. Though a couple of characters still have PA fishing lures, I will keep then online overnight to use them, and there is still stuff for sale on the auction house, I will take the break I need. Of course, I will return a bit to 'tie up loose ends', b ut I won't be playing active for now.

And the reason why I'm taking risks..? I'm probably bored of Lineage II again. It's the same shit every day. The same quests, the same instances and the same people. And with the same people I don't mean the clan I'm in, but the random people I meet in the game - the game is kinda dead (or at least not alive as the botfest servers of NCWest).

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