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Mounted (PvP) combat
24 November 2015
Posted in MMORPGs

I've promised some information about Black Desert earlier this month. And while most information is already widely known, I think this one feature is close ot unique to the game: Mounted combat. I know that some MMORPGs out there do offer limited mounted combat (Lineage II, Age of Conan to name 2 that I know), but mostly it's only centered on the mount you're riding at the moment and not the player riding that mount.

Black Desert offers you full mounted combat where the player riding the mount has been taken into account, instead of the mount itself. And with Black Desert being more a medieval MMORPG than a fantasy MMORPG, you'll mainly see humans on horse than on any other creature (I think). I am wondering though how the giant class/race will ride a horse

The video above doesn't need a lot of explanation I think. It's a witch on horseback doing a lot of awesome skills to PvP and I think it's done pretty well (like most of the game). The only thing bothering me here and there is that the side-ways movement of the horse is not as perfect as regular horsebackriding is in the game.

After having watched this video I'm wondering how archers will perform with mounted combat and (more importantly) melee fighters...

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