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Gastroscopic results
02 July 2015
Posted in About me

Yesterday I've had the results of the gastroscopic examination I had 2 weeks ago and it was good The point at the beginning of my small intestine where the doctor thought he saw something was just a bogus thing. The biopics taken were all okay as well.

As alternative I had the option for an examination for the end of my small intestine, but the doctor throught the chances would be real small for anything to be found there, because I don't have any symptoms that would indicate of problems there. With that, if the problem was at the end of the small intestine, my B12 shortage would most likely be not as extreme as it was.
And then there's the way of examination - rectal No way I'm gonna get that exam just to rule out that very slight chance something might be there...

Still the question remains where the B12 deficiency comes from, but from the moment I was sent to the gastronimical doctor I figured, that whatever the reason of the deficiency, I most likely would be getting B12 suplement injections for the rest of my life.

And speaking about the B12 suplemental injections. The last measurmenet of B12 in my blood was 'off the scale' at a value of 4400+ (the lab could not measure any higher). With B12 suplement being a waterbased serum, it'd mean that anything my body doesn't need should leave it by peeing it out. This would mean that my urine would be orange/brownish of color, b ut ever since I started with the injections my urine is still 'normally' yellowish. Unlike my wife (who also has a B12 deficiency) and indeed does pee orange/brownish.
Next week I have an appointment with the rheumatologist to discuss the results of the neurological and gastronomical examinations and what to do next. I will certainly bring this up and ask to check my kidneys and liver. Kidneys because I'm not peeing orange/brownish and liver because that's the place where the B12 is stored normally and I have no idea if my liver is still okay (I think it is because my skin is not rally orange from liver failure)...

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