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Today's hospital appointment
15 June 2015
Posted in About me

Today was yet an other day for hospital appointments. This time it was for both gastronomical and neurological examinations. Yes, I was lucky enough to plan both on the same day. Not to mention, the gastronomical examination was one that had to be done on an empty stomach and I could plan it very early in the morning (the original appointment was around 2pm ).

First the gastronomical appointment... That was not a fun one - swallow a camera on a hose so that they could take a peek in my stomach and small intestine. And even now (4 hours later) my throat is still a bit sour But the doctor and nurses told me I was doing well (prolly to keep me calm ).
With this exam a couple of biopics have been taken (saw at least 3 cords for it and I know that with the last one they took two biopics), and I'll get the results of it in about 2 weeks. But the doctor did see something that might indeed indicate as a source of my B12 deficiency. Good thing that at this pretty painful and uncomfortable exam wasn't for nothing...

Then the neurological appointment. That one was 2 hours later and I took my PS Vita with me to keep me busy killing time (I did make some progress with Ys: Memories of Celceta ). This exam was not as uncomfortable but only painful - very painful at times! They used electro shocks to measure the response time of my nerves in my feet, legs, hands and arms.
The exams didn't show any obvious results, other than that from my knee to my foot only had a 50% power result. The doctors were not sure that would be a problem or that it's just that my nerves are very deep at that point. The results will be taken into account anyway though, along with all other ones. And speaking of other ones... They also tested something with my hearth and breathing and the extra regular beat my hearth gives could mess up that test as well...

Now the neurologist has to crunch the numbers, compare them to normal values and that should give an idea how bad my nerve system is. Coming Friday I have to get back to Amsterdam again for those results and hear what will be done further.

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