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Wildstar going Free2Play - anyone surprised?
29 May 2015
Posted in MMORPGs

Finally, Carabine has decided about the future of WildStar. Subscriptions were declining and there were a lot of reports of all servers being ghost towns. And personally I thought the game was very shallow and most certainly not worth the monthly subscription. I figured the game would become a Buy2Play game (much like Elder Scrolls online did), at which time I might pick it up.

Free2Play, is that a good or bad thing? As we know, most games that went from subscription to Free2Play have become hits in their own accord. Where in previous days the monthly subscription was not worth the monthly payment and the publisher was loosing money, the transition to Free2Play saved the game. The best example for this is Lord of the Rings online that's been Free2Play for a couple of years already and doing pretty good.

Sadly I can't be as positive about WildStar going Free2Play. It might be good for the population of the game and would allow Carabine (and NCWest as publisher) finally to make money of it, but it's the publisher that's the problem. Having played a lot of games published by NCWest already (Lineage Ii as the major one, but also Aion), I know how they work. NCWest doesn't give a fuck about their LEGIT players, as long as the cashflow from the game is steady or growing and 'players' are buying from the cash shop there's no problem.
Well, no problem for NCWest. The LEGIT players on the other hand do have a problem. Just look at Lineage II. Ever since it went Free2Play back in 2011, the bot fest has gone from bad to worse and the amount of goldselling done on the server is outrageous, which in turn kills the game's economy as well. Even the statues that were in the game back in the days showing the top 10 'players' (which were actually bots - no player can be in party 23 hours a day just to name one statue) have been removed to cover up the lack of NCWest's authority in their games (read: ban bots, which the GMs hardly do).
I'm so afraid that WildStar will go down the road of Linege II and Aion when being Free2Play...

Then the transision from subscription to Free2Play. There's a FAQ on it and it's clear that if you subscribe now (WHY? the game still sucks as much as it did at release) you will get some goodies. Stuff that might be come available in the game's cash shop later on most likely anyway (I've seen this happen with Lineage II before, so why bother to get a subscription for those goodies?).

There's also a part on boxed purchasers (being me, I have a digital deluxe box ) and how it'll be converted after the game. And that's the part where things are getting clouded. What do they exactly mean? Will I get some kind of veteran perks (like in TERA and GameForge's Aion) despite not having subscribed for the last 3-4 months before it goes Free2Play or will I get screwed over and become 'yet an other free player'?

 photo Screenshot 2015-05-29 09.08.11_zpsdk4hueyg.png

Anyhow, I would consider playing WildStar from time to time when it'd go Buy2Play, but now that it's going Free2Play I'm not gonna play it at all. And I would advise you the same because of all the problems (bots & rmt) that NCWest creates in their Free2Play games. It's sad though that yet an other game will be ruined by it's publisher...

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