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Today's hospital appointment
20 May 2015
Posted in About me

An other week, and other appointment at the hospital. Today the gastrointestinal doctor was up to see if she can determine the cause of my B12 deficiency. She also had access to the bloodresults which the reumatologist requested and she she could almost certainly rule out gluten allergy. And having the blood works available, the B12 serum in my blood was off the scale: >4400 - the hospital's lab couldn't get a higher value There was also a 'red' result for one of my kidney functions (kinda forgot which it was, but I'll hear that next week from the reumatologist) which was requested because of that low 24-hour urine cortisol level.

I have asked around about that extremely high B12 serum value, and it's no problem at all. Any excess B12, like most vitamins, just leaves the budy through urine, but that does mean that the kidneys have to be able to filter it out of the blood (hmm.... one warning value on my kidneys, hope it's not the one related to filter out B12 from my system). But once again, I'll hear about it next week and will see (hear actually) what the values mean and how to go further (which is most likely wait for the follow up appointments from the 2 specialists I've visited today and last week).

Okay, then the gastrointestinal doctor's appointment. She took the low B12 score very serious (unlike the neurologist last week). As said, she ruled out gluten allergy as a cause because that's not been found in the blood works. There are however a couple of other reasons that can cause the B12 deficiency and she starts at the top of them (thank God - the bottom would mean an anal examination ). But the oral examination won't be a fun one either though. I'll have to 'swallow' a tube with a camera at the end so they can peek inside my stomach and my duodendum and they will take some biopts then as well...

The appointment for this examination could be done June 2nd. But for once I asked if it could be set on a later date, so that I could have it when I had to go to the hospital for a neurological appointment. Luckily that was possible and now the appointment is set on June 15th in the early morning.

And speaking of appointments to the hospital... The hospital is in Amsterdam and I live in Alkmaar. Though it's 'only' a rough 50km away, it takes a lot of time and money for me to go there. First off time: I travel by train and metro (in Amsterdam) because I don't have a driver's license AND parking is a huge issue almost everywhere, making the trip more expansive than public service to start with. For me the trip costs between 12,50 and 18,50 (depending on the time I travel - I have a 40% discount card for the train after 9am). These travel expenses are not covered by ANY health insurance, unless I take the most expensive one and that'll cost me an estimated 300/year extra. It's a good thing I own a house and can subtract the travel expenses from my income at the end of the year...
Secondly time. And that's even less a bigger issue than traveling by car. A single trip takes me about an hour. If I'd go by car I'd take me about the same time, but in a car (even on the passenger's seat) I just can't travel relaxed. In the train I can sit back on those pretty comfy chairs and doze off with my favorite music playing on the MP3-player.

For now I think I'm pretty appointment free until half June. Then all hell breaks loose again and I have 4 appointments already, not counting the follow up from the reumatologist...

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