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Yesterday's hospital appointment
16 May 2015
Posted in About me

Yesterday I once again had an appointment in the VUmc in Amsterdam. This was a follow-up appointment with a neurologist after the appointment I had nearly 2 months ago with the reumatologits.

First thinsg first - the intake. His first remark about the 114 value of my B12 being "That's not so bad" kinda set the tone on how I'm thinking about this doctor. He might be the best specialist of the neurological department there, but if he things that a 114 value of B12 is not that bad, he should do his homework again! This made me very happy that the neurologist (who acknowledges that 114 is way too low) sent me to him with a clear question.
Other parts of the intake also showed that this doctor doesn't know shit about B12 shortage. I said I was fatigues and was no longer working on my mail route because of the fatigue I experience and then he dares to ask me if I'm practicing sports - ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?

Then the physical exam. Well, that went well. Reflex tests passed but all on a lowered scale, but at least the reflex was there. Then he took a closer exam of my feet (where the majorty of the pain I experience is) and he 'tickled' with a cottonswipe. To me that fealt like he put the edge of a knife under my feet and scratched it hard and that feeling was there will about half an hour after he did it.

That pain sensation on the light touch however did point to a possible nerve disorder (He mentioned it, something starting with ANA or AMA or ANE/AME but my memory is so bad on those things and I can't find it on the net either ) and for that he decided to let me undergo an electromyography (EMG). Basically they'll put electrodes under my feet and this way they can see what's possebly wrong with the nerve ends in my feet and why I'm experiencing pain instead of tickling. And this exam basically was why the reumatologist sent me to this doctor in the first place.

Sadly though, because the VUmc is a big-ass hospital, they have as big-ass schedule problems. Therefor the EMG can't be done before June 15th, well, it could on June 10th, but that was around 8.30 which means I have to rise extremely early to get there (around 90 minutes by train/metro if I don't miss anything). And with the pain in my feet rising over the day I thought that was not an option, and thus the later one on the 15th was made (at 11am BTW). The next Friday (June 19th), I have to go to the hospital again for the results and see how further...

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16 May 2015 - best wishes on the 15th
Posted by guest-user Ookabea (from the Fl
Sounds like this doctor is a bit of a mix up. . . hope they can find something on the 15th that will lead to a treatment.

17 May 2015 - Thanks
Posted by guest-user DemiGoth
Yeah, that doctor indeed is a mix up. Not overly concerned by the severe B12 shortage but he does take my neurological pain serious enough for a follow up examination. Will see what it'll bring. The Dutch B12 deficiency foundation already advised me to ask for a 2nd opinion, but I'll wait that upcoming examination before I'll do that, or it'll cost me an other 2 months again

17 May 2015 - Prutsers zijn het
Posted by guest-user Lotgenoot
Mijn b12 was 89; kan nog goed herinneren wat de huisarts zei toen ik met de zelfde klachten als jou bij hem kwam "proberen weer te gaan sporten"... Vriend ik kan niet eens 500m meer lopen zonder pijn in me kuiten/boven benen en jij wilt dat ik ga sporten...

Dat was zijn diagnose en ik moest er maar mee leren leven. Toen nog 2x teruggeweest naar zelfde huisarts en naar aandringen door gestuurd naar internist, hoop testen daar gehad maar alles was oke. Enigste wat laag was was mijn b12 en ze had geregeld dat ik b12 spuiten zou krijgen, ik met weinig vertrouwen weer naar de huisarts (wist toen nog niks van b12 af) na 5 weken injectie te hebben gehad voelde ik mijn weer redelijk "goed".

Mijn extreme vermoeidheid was minder, kon weer redelijk lopen zonder pijn. Toen kwam de ellende we gaan nu om de 3 maanden injectie zetten, zit nu op 2 maanden en 1 week en me klachten worden al weer erger.

Sinds ik verhuisd ben in de tussentijd heb ik nu een andere huisarts kijken wat hij ervan vind om weer terug te gaan naar 1 injectie per week voor half tot 1 jaar voor optimaal herstel. (morgen afspraak)

Tip aan jou: Als je huisarts moeilijk gaat doen gewoon andere zoeken!

Je kan ook zelf b12 ampullen bestellen via duitsland/belgie als echt niemand mee werkt meer informatie hierover zie link(s) hieronder. (ik raad het aan om het via de huisarts te regelen)

Hopelijk heb je hier iets aan



17 May 2015 - Mijn HA is okee
Posted by guest-user DemiGoth
Hoi Roy,

Mijn HA is 100% okee en gaat goed met m'n B12 tekort om. Heb na 5 weken 2x per week nu al 6 maanden om de week een injectie. Vermoeidheid is nog steeds wel aanwezig en schommelt extreem.

Het verhaal hierboven gaat over een neuroloog waar ik van de week ben geweest. Hij vond het allemaal wel mee vallen De reumatoloog (die me naar hem heeft doorverwezen) neemt het B12 tekort en de bijkomende problemen wel serieus.

Zal van de week effies op de B12 site kijken die je gelinkt hebt.


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