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Pillars of Eternity bought
09 May 2015
Posted in Computer games

I thought that the boxed edition of Pillars of Eternity would be a a DRM free copy of the game, but GOOGLEing it, I only found references to the kickstarter boxed editions that are actually DRM free. The boxed editions that have been released after the game's release will obtain a Steam key instead SO I turned to Good old Games and bought my DRM free digital copy of the game there...

While I already started playing the game with the 'pirated' copy of the game (is it pirated if I really intend to buy the game but have to wait for it's release?) I decided to start anew now that I had the game legally. With that I also decided to stream the game's progress.

Where last time I played a druid and had to get used to the game's mechanics, this time I decided to make a ranger and play the game on normal difficulty. I know, playing a ranger is not really my 'normal' choice of character, but I figured having a companion pet would keep me pretty safe from melee attacks and add my love of RPG pets in general to the game, and I was right about that!

I also noticed while playing that Pillars of Eternity gives you a different game experience with each character class you play. Right after the storm hits that caravan camp (or what remains of it ), with the druid character I had the option to safe the caravan leader and get him to join me through the ruins. As you can see in the video (around 17 minutes) that choice is not there and I have to let the guy die. I'm not sure if this is because I'm playing an other class or that it's because I had a ranged weapon equipped at the moment. It's just small things like this that make a game worth while for me!

As you also can see, there's a huge similarity with the Baldur's Gate game in general. Though the Obsidian team has nothing to do with that game (they are with the Fall Out RPG series and PlaneScape:Torment for the story), I'm glad that they did take this approach. I'm not talking about the whole isometric view here, which the games have in common (PoE is made with the Unity engine BTW), but the build up in acts and the 'paper view' between scenes when you're doing something. I only miss that low narrator's voice that was used in Baldur's Gate though - it would be totally awesome if that was added there

In general I'm very happy with my purchase of Pillars of Eternity, even when it's not a physical box. If you want to follow my progress, you can watch it on on my channel or on DailyMotion (feel free to comment there or here).

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