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Pillars of Eternity
07 May 2015
Posted in Computer games

Damn, that's been long ago since I wrote about a SINGLE player RPG With all those recently released RPGs that have so many online features (and suck like hell I fear), it's very refreshing to see an old-school isometric single player RPG back on the market AND being a huge success.

Sadly though, I still haven't bought this game yet I have downloaded it already and am playing it though, but that was more because of a 'try before I buy' thing than to pirate the game. After all, as I started this post, with so many bad games being released lately I'll think twice before I'll spend my hard earned money (disability allowance, but with all the cuts on it the money has to be thought about twice before spent ). Not to mention, I have the game on my Steam wishlist and am selling off all my trading cards and other stuff I have in my inventory to raise money for it. I had over 1K items a week ago, and now I have around 250 left, which made a 'massive' 40

But I won't be buying this game through Steam most likely. First off, I'm only 1,50 short, but secondly because I just saw that my local retailer has put it up for pre-order (yes, it's BOXED which I prefer for a game of this magnitude), but sadly it'll be available on May 29th On the 'bright side', it is 2 cheaper than on Steam, and that for a boxed version of a game!

And while waiting for the boxed release I'll keep on playing that pirated version of the game. If it's as big as Baldur's Gate as they claim, that'll mean that by the time I have the boxed version of the game I'm not even on a quarter of the game.

A quarter of the game in about 3 weeks time, which also brings me to an other thing that bothers the hell out of me from most recent released games - playtime vs price. More and more games get around 1/hour (I have posted about this before I think, on Tomb Raider for sure!). Baldur's Gate and Morrowind so far are the only games I have that get way below that 1/hour. Baldur's Gate (original edition BTW) I played for around 100 hours till my harddisc crashed near the end of the game and costed 40 (roughly 18) at the time. Morrowind kind kinda had the same price and playing time for me, with the note that I never even got halfway of the original story, let alone on the map With Pillars of Eternity most likely being a similar game of a similar playing time I just can't make excuses NOT to buy the game itself

Last but not least, I've watched the credits and I saw that Obsidian (developers of PoE) made a thanking note to inXile Entertainment. inXile is right now busy making a sequal to PlaneScape: Torment (in the top 10 of best RPGs ever made), called Torment: Tides of Numenera. Could it be that Obsidian and inXile made a joint-venture for their own RPG system? It's clear that the system used for PoE is new and with Torment coming up it really wouldn't surprise me that they actually did make a new RPG system...

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