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Humble Might & Magic Bundle
04 May 2015
Posted in Computer games

I haven't bought a bundle for about a year I think. When in the past the bundles (from most sites, not only Humble) were of good quality, lately the bundle quality have crashed down into plain and utter garbage OR I already had most of the stuff in the bundle already (no surprise with over 600 games in my Steam library ). Though I have to say, last week's Humble Bundle was good (2nd Origin bundle) but I already had all interesting games in it But this week's Humble Bundle is of quality - it is a Might & Magic bundle, and that's the kind of fantasy-strategy game I really dig!

Though I had already bought it last Friday, I didn't have time to start playing until yesterday. I started with the Might & Magic bundle 1 through 6, but those just plainly sucked. They were old DOS games with 1 and 2 not even allowing me to make a character and start to play The other 4 games did allow me to play, but it was the old The Bard's Tale series all over again but with pretty bad controls on the current-day's fast PCs. So I immediately uninstalled those and continued with the first Heroes of Might & Magic game I had in the series.

That first one is Heroes of Might and Magic III HD. Watch the last part of the title kinda made me LOL after I started to play. Oh yes, it supports HD resolutions up to 1920x1080 on my system, but that's about it. The whole game is just a blown up old-school (DOS) game with higher resolutions. You see all pixels on the screen as if you're playing in an old DOS-box Aside from that, the game itself is pretty much fun to play, though I miss certain features from later versions in the series (LOL - I only have Heroes of Might & Magic V Collector's Edition). The most important one is walk a bit and then fire an arrow. I mean, why can a melee warrior walk toward it's target and swing his sword and an archer can't walk a bit and fire an arrow?

Anyway, I'm waiting for coming Thursday when the next games in the series are added. I'm missing a couple of them (Heroes 1,2, 7, 8 and 9 to name a few and I think some DLC as well). I would really want to own and play through the whole series of the Heroes of Might & Magic!

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