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Steam to crash down?
01 May 2015
Posted in Computer games

I'm not sure what Valve is thinking, but after 10 years it seems that they have hit a mark that will most likely bring down Steam.

The first and foremost thing that annoyed the hell out of me was the paid mods implemented for Skyrim last weekend. The community revolted against it and it was pulled by Valve. Though the system might still be in place to be implemented later because Valve stated that "We're going to remove the payment feature from the Skyrim workshop." (actual qoute but I lost the source ), which clearly means that they did not end the system.

Then the news that I saw today that Greenlight will be pulled down. This system was a very good one for indie game developers to put their games under attention. With the removal of Greenlight, indie game developers have to fight against the big companies to get their attention OR (most likely) pay loads to get their game on the front page of Steam...

And now this one that I just found. Developers are allowed to ban players from their online games. And though the developer has to submit it to Valve to be enacted, the developer is the one to turn to if you think that your ban has been incorrect, which will mostlikely be never looked at again and you've lost the money you spent.

I fear that Valve being the biggest online digital store out there is suffering from delusions of grandeur. With all those publishers using their platform and thinking their service is a requirement to enable DRM they think they can pull things off and just see how the community responds. Well, I think if Valve keeps on doing shit like this they might be in for a big surprise. They're not the only digital (DRM) store out there and if they keep pushing their community like this the community might just stop buying games that are playable on Steam only. After all there are enough alternatives out there like Good old Games (which is making it's own platform right now) for indie and older games and Origin which has also a lot of big publishers in it's store (other than EA that is ). Not to mention that Perfect World (ARC launcher), TRION and a couple of other MMO publishers are making their own small digital stores as well.

Time will only tell if Valve is big enough to keep make these bad decisions, but if they keep it up like this, it might as well be the beginning of their end...

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