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Star Ocean 5 announced!
26 April 2015
Posted in PlayStation

I think Star Ocean is an IP that's grown better than that Final Fantasy has done over the last few years. That is from the RPGs made by Square Enix of course There are a lot of better RPGs (for consoles) out there (Tales series comes to mind...)

Anyhow, on I read an article linked to PCGamer where Square Enix would be announcing 3 new games on the upcoming E3. I figured that it could not be a new game in the Final Fantasy series since 15 is around the corner and the Type-0 has just had a remake for the PS4. Therefor I wasn't very interested in this anouncement until last week when I read an update on (once again linked to PCGamer) that the newly announced game would be Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness.

Now this is awesome news! Right now I'm playing Star Ocean: The Last Hope on my PS3 and am enjoying the game a lot - even more than I enjoyed Final Fantasy XIII-1! The Last Hope offers a pretty open world and has a number of pretty challenging boss battles. Not to mention, there's crafting and the characters have a pretty deep (and sometimes silly) background. I can only hope that Integrity and Faithlessness will be as good as The Last Hope!

An other interesting thing is that Integrity and Faithlessness is announced for PlayStation 3 and 4 only. Both the fact that it'll be a PlayStation-only title AND that it'll be released on the by now pretty old PlayStation 3 console are pretty interesting and shows once again that PlayStation is THE console to own if you love RPG games.

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