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Deathfist Citadel
19 April 2015
Posted in EverQuest II

One of the big pluses are the dungeons. Unlike most MMORPGs (I'm looking mainly at you World of Warcraft ) the dungeons in EverQuest II are not instanced (I have already met a couple of players in them) and they are huge. And when I say huge I really mean HUGE! And the reason they are that huge is because they're non-instanced and 'yet an other map'.

The Deathfist Citadel is one of those dungeons for players of about level 35. Enter with a small party (if you're over 35 and know what you do) or a full party if you're still low in the 30s. In my case I entered at 35 after an invite by 2 players to join of which one brought a mercenary healer (NPC follower - not a pet!). I had no clue what to expect or where to go (my sense of direction really sucks in games, while in real life it's awesome) so I said I'd follow the leader and see where we'd end up.

In the end we were busy in the Deathfist Citadel for about 2 hours (time really flies when having fun ) and we ended up at the spot of the big boss (the King). Sadly he was not on his throne and for me it was time to leave to make dinner. But I added the other 2 players to my friendlist and said I wanted to do that dungeon again when I had more time and we knew how to get that boss popped.

By now I have seen one of the players again and he said that we had to kill 6 mini bosses in the dungeon (I think we killed only 2 of them) to get that King to pop.I have also started to gather more quests in Zek (the map where this dungeon resides) that are related to the dungeon and I can't wait to enter it again and do a full run and kill that King in the end.

An other note worth to mention is that 2 days ago I learned that the BeastLord class is about the least wanted class by any player in a party or guild because it's been nerved to death and has very limited DPS abilities. Funny enough, I've been complimented more than once in that dungeon on how well I played there. I even was the last man standing when a couple of monsters kinda wiped the other 2 players and 1 NPC, but I managed to kill the remaining monsters by myself (on very low health though )

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