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Walking the lands of Norrath again
16 April 2015
Posted in EverQuest II

I know I've bitched quite a number of times about $O and how they do not prioritize their customers. But recently $O has been sold by SONY and some investment company has bought it. With the sale, the name of SOE could not longer be used and it was changed to Daybreak Game Company. After that DGC laid off quite a number of people (including staff!).

With these changes I thought it was time to give EverQuest II a new try. And honestly, not only because of these changes. I wanted to play a well done (themepark) MMORPG again after the second failure of The Elder Scrolls online (failure to me - the games bores the fuck out of me). With the choices of well done (themepark) MMORPGs being very low, being World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV: A Real Reborn and EverQuest II, the choice is simple: take the free one!

And there I was once again on the roads of Norrath. Having not stepped a foot on them for a couple of years I had no clue where I left off. Well, that was picked up quite quickly again. I had to go to Zek and do the quests I had there. But my eye fell on 2 other quests that were still running and in level ragen. One of them was in Nektulos Forest and I decided to complete that one. Though the reward kinda sucked, it was a good run to get to know my character again.
The other forest is still ongoin. When I set foot on the Thundering Steppes, I was presented an epic quest (while the map is meant far below 32) and I decided to run that one. The start of that quest was easy (still didn't turn in the other quest why I went to the Thundering Steppes ), after entering some gnollish tunnels, things started to get rough (level scaling).

For now I'll keep EverQuest II as my current MMORPG to play in favour of Blade & Soul. I am enjoying EQ2 a lot more than BnS and that's what it all is about - enjoy the game I'm playing. I only do need to find a guild now to hang out with and run dungeons with. I'd prefer a 'progression guild', but my current character I want to level to the maximum (kinda had with Alternate Advancement set to 50% ). Of course, I can always make an alt to cap my character's level to where the guild wants...

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