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Destiny - pleasantly surprised
24 March 2015
Posted in PlayStation

You might know I'm not really the shooter-type of guy. Actually, I suck big-time when it comes to shooter games, mostly because these games are aimed at speed and not tactics. With that negative feeling in mind, I downloaded the Destiny demo for the PS3 and started to play it a bit. Man, was I surprised by the game and it's mechanics!

When starting Desitny I had the choice of 3 classes to play. Obviously I picked the Warlock one, adding some 'magic' to the game. Not to forget, this class seems to be a bit more powerful when it comes to close combat with the 'shield bump' skill that it gives which pushes (and damages) multiple close enemies. Damage that can be quite lethal actually. Some monsters that I push away are killed instantly, while others (higher level ones) drop down to half their health. So when I've pushed them away, I only have to shoot once or twice and they're dead

Then the on-line world... Destiny claims to have one, but so far it looks much more like a HUB (the Tower city) than an actual on-line world. But hey, what to expect from a console based game (*AHUM* Final Fantasy XIV and a couple of other full blown MMORPGs are available for the PS3 ). The Tower city is buzzing with life (players) running around, but sadly no chat (the game doesn't seem to have text-chat, it does however have voice-chat). I'm not sure if there's a limit to the number of players in Tower city, but I guess it'll be 64 or so (regular player limit number for most console games).

Entering a mission there are more hard limits to the number of players that can enter. So far I've done only one and that was with 3 players maximum. And while I didn't open a channel for the mission (or join one), there were 2 other players there doing their thing (it looked like a XP farm). I went on the mission I was given (get the warpdrive for that broken ship I found in the introduction) and played through it. And while regular shooters have pretty tiny maps, this map was HUGE (for shooter standards ).
For me that mission ended in a battle with some boss which I managed to take down after 2 deaths. One death was just some unknowingly thing that I could not get too close to that boss (insta-kill ) when I tried to use that 'shield bump' skill on him. The other death was just bad luck with 4 or 5 NPCs up my ass at the spot where I was shooting from

Last but not least, the thing that really took me in: character progression. Yes, that's something that Bungie really thought about. Not only can you upgrade your weapons and armor, but also your skills. And those skills are bound to the keys of the gamepad and I guess when I grow in level that at one point I can't use them all any more but instead have to take a pick of what I want to use. Skill progression also seems to be linked to the XP gain, because I'm level 2 now and have 2 skills unlocked. Oddly enough, from the looks of it the maximum level is 20 (not sure though), and there are way more skills available...

Will I buy Destiny? Not sure, but certainly not at it's current price of 70 And that 70 is only the base game. Expansions are on it's way at 20 each, or buy the expansion pass for 35. I mean 105 to play a console on-line only game? That's a lot of cash and knowing how the on-line community easily hops from one game to the other it could mean that after a couple of months Destiny is a ghost town like so many other on-line games...

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