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WATCH_DOGS, or is it GTA?
10 March 2015
Posted in PlayStation

So I bought WATCH_DOGS las Sunday (apolagees for the typo I made with the game's name last time ), but so far it doesn't really feel like a role-playing game that it should be. Instead it feels much more like a Grant Theft Auto clone to me, which is really a bad thing because I hate that game (yes I bough them in a cheap Steam bundle a long time ago).

Why the GTA feeling..? The start mission to get to know the game was just awesome. You've found the guy who killed your little niece and you want to hear his employer. This all happens at the last inning of the baseball game in basements of the Chicago stadium. You gotta get out of there unnoticed and a friend of yours came up with the brilliant idea (*NOT*) to stage a gang scene and call the cops.

So far so good. But with all the cops around you gotta egt out of there and your friend has arranged a car for you. I get in an... Bingo - 2 cops up my tail trying to get me for the scene in the stadion (how did they know it was me in the first place..?). Next up is a race, race and more racing to ditch those 2 cops (yes, very much GTA).

Next I continue on the campaign story (I always want to play those before I really get into open-world content), and my sister calls me for her son's b-day. That same friend of mine again was nice enough to arrange a car for me and I get coordinates on where to pick it up. I knew the car was stolen, but not a single cop around searching for the car, but the moment I step behind the wheel, there are 3 cops alarmed and... Yes, once again I need to ditch them (and there comes GTA once again). IT TOOK ME FUCKING A DOZEN TIMES TO GET THROUGH IT!!! Oh, did I mention I suck at driving cars in games..? You really don't want to see what the car (a muscle car BTW) looked like each and every time I failed (or that one time I made it ) - I guess that $200K car was worth only $2 in the end

Then the b-day at my sister's place. She got a call which I 'overheard' (read: hacked into) and she's threatened with her and her son's life (has something to do with my character...). I leave her house, spot the person threatening her and he takes of IN A CAR and my mission updates that I can't let him escape >:( (here we go again GTA..).

At this point I shut it down because I had to go to the company doctor (see my other post today). I really want to play through this game's campaign. I've heard real good stories about it, but if I have to keep racing cars, I'd much rather grab a Need for Speed alike game and race there. WATCH_DOGS is about hacking and so far I'm not really hacking my way through, other than hacking cars into scrap. IMO they should have left out those racing scenes OR give the player the option to pursue in a different way. Oh well, lets see how far this game brings me, or rather how many cars I crash before deleting it...

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