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Company doctor
10 March 2015
Posted in About me

It was that time again... My boss asked the (new) company doctor to invite me for a visit. And yes, a new doctor this time... My boss has taken a new outsourcing company for the company doctors and because of privacy they're not allowed to share ANY medical date. This means that the new company doctor has not a clue what's wrong with me (other than what my boss told him) and I had to start from scratch all over again. I can talk very long about it here, but if you've been following the blog, you know how things are and the company doctor knows now the same now as well.

There was one fear I had when I went into the meeting and that was that the new company doctor would overrule the UWV's list of my restrictions and that he would just put me bluntly back to work, or in an other job in the Dutch Postal service (PostNL) which I could not do according to the restrictions I have. Well that fear was totally ungrounded. He actually took over the UWV restriction list for my current job and adviced my boss to find a job for me within the Postal services that would match my abilities - I can tell you, there's no such thing...

There was only one thing he didn't write down, and that is that my chronic fatigue and pain are getting worse. Instead he only mentioned that I'm in appeal against the UVW's decision not to have made a good report of my (dis)abilities and that he advices my boss to keep that in mind.

So basically, I'll be hope till the end of my contract (half May), and from there on I'll quit the job when being sick. I'm just wondering what that will do for my income though...

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