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Heart is okay
14 January 2015
Posted in About me
I've been to the cardiologist yesterday and I have some good news. After having taking a new ECG and reviewed it, the cardiologist things that my heart is 100% okay again. Because of that I can drop one of the medications and see how things go the coming 2 weeks. If after that period I didn't have had any problems, I can drop the other one as well.

The cardiologist (a different one than I had before) also believes that the extreme B12 vitamin shortage might have been the trigger for the cramps I had early October as well. With the treatment of the B12 injections that I'm having now those cramps should not return any more.

He also advised me to visit a neurologist in about 2 weeks from now (that is if I don't have heart cramps any more) to see how bad the damage to the nerve system is that the long-term (8-10 years for sure ) B12 vitamin shortage is.

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