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Bloodworks okay
23 December 2014
Posted in About me
Yesterday I've had the result of last Friday's blood exams. All levels tested for (LOL - only B12 and infections) are normal. Actually, the B12 values were sky high, but that was because I've had the shot last a couple of days before that, which does mean that my body is accepting the B12 injections. The infections being normal means that I'm not having rheumatic pains, which is a relief as well. Though on the other side, the pain and fatigue throughout my body (and mainly in my legs) has to come from something (most likely years of B12 shortage).

Right now my doctor wants to wait on the 2nd opinion from the cardio exams that I'll have January 13th before doing new tests. He thinks (and hopes) that that 2nd option will give some sort of result, though I think it won't. Ever since I quit using that cholesterol medication I haven't really had any pressure on my chest any more, meaning that that medication kept the initial problems I had in place..

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