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Full physical relapse
19 December 2014
Posted in About me
When will things start to get better? When I quit taking the cholesterol medication and the fatigued and campting pain in my legs faded, I thought it would get better. There for my teamcoach and I agreed to start working 2 days a week on slow days (Wednesday and Friday) and take my small route. Well, that kinda backfired on me...

After last week's Friday I felt the fatigue return, but it wasn't as bad as it was and I figured it was because I started to work again and my physical condition had become a bit worse. After all, I've been home sick for 2 1/2 months. But the fatigue didn't really go away again. Early this week it was still there, but I could do my daily things as I used to.

Then Wednesday came and the postal route was quite a lot. Instead of the normal 10-15cm post on that day, I had a fully stuffed bag this time (60-80cm post ), all thanks to x-mass. Nothing bad about x-mas, but it was a lot more than expected. Without complaining I started to work, did my route. But halfway through it my legs started to ache again and it became worse and worse.

The next day (which is yesterday now) the fatigue and muscle ache was that bad that I wasn't able to walk normally. With this fatigue and muscle ache returning I decided to call my doctor and she (Fridays there's a female doctor instead of our normal one) had a spot ready only this morning. I also called in 100% sick again for work that same day.

Today I've been to the doctor and she took a look at my legs and feet (didn't mention them, but those are aching like crazy). I also mentioned to her that my arms and hands (mainly right, but I'm right handed) are starting to fatigue as well and ache a bit as well.
She isn't sure this is the result of long-term B12 shortage, also because having the B12 shots now already for 2 1/2 months, the fatigue and cramping pain should go away and not return and spread (to the arms and hands). The opted that it could be a form of rheumatism. For that she wanted my blood to be screened and while at it, the B12 value should be checked as well. Having had the B12 injection only last Monday, this value should be normal at least, if not sky high.

For now she's waiting the results of this blood screening (should be in next Monday) before taking further action. With that, half January I'm having my 2nd opinion on my heart and she wants to wait for that as well before sending me to the next specialist...

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