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B12 treatment - the good and the bad
04 December 2014
Posted in About me
It's been about 10 weeks now that I'm on the B12 injections to treat the severe shortage of B12 I have. I think now is the time to evaluate what it has brought me...

Lets start with the heart cramps I've had the Sunday after the first injection. I still think it's a direct result of an overload of B12 in my system that my heart responded to. After all, a B12 shortage causes fatigue and pain in the muscles and the heart is a muscle as well. Though it's clear by now that my heart is 100% okay, I still think that the cholesterol medication (which also causes muscle pain and craps) might be the cause of my heart cramping once in a while the last 2 months. Now that I'm off that cholesterol medication my heart hasn't cramped any more either. That while I've already walked for 2 hours straight two days ago...

Then the headaches and pain in my eye. Both are symptoms I've had for a couple of years already, but the pain in my left eye is the oldest one. Well, I can tell that both are mostly gone now, which means that I can live a rather 'normal' live. Normal is quoted because I do have ADD and Asperger Syndrome, and that's not something that can be cured in anyway AND the 'old way of life' is 'normal' to me (probably not to you )

An other symptom (which I realized after having read about B12 shortages) is the constant buzzing in my ears. This is still there, and when I listen to music it fades to the background. Oddly enough, the buzzing is there when I'm listening to music (or anything else) and not using earphones. This buzzing is something that I've had for decades already (first sign of B12 shortage?) and I wonder if this will ever fade or become less intensive...

I already mentioned that I'm off of the cholesterol medication. An other result of it is that the constant fatigue and cramping pain in my legs is almost gone as well. As I said above, I think that the cholesterol medication kept that kind of stuff 'in place' and now that I'm no longer using it, the healing of that symptom can start. I do have to say though that after that 2 hour walk I did last Tuesday the fatigue and cramp came back a bit but faded later that day as well.

Something that I've never mentioned is the pain and odd tinkling in my feet. That's been there for almost a decade as well. I loved how my wife gave me foot massages in the past, but at one point (2007 for sure) it became painful and ever since she couldn't touch my feet any more Well, the pain and tinkling is still there most of the day and mostly after I've been physically busy. But at the end of the day it's at a very low point and I hope that this will leave sooner or later as well.

In all, I think that the B12 treatment is doing me a lot of good. Though while thinking back of the symptoms I've had which are now gone, I certainly have had the shortage way too long. I just hope that none of the symptoms have done permanent damage to my body, brain and nerve system, but I do fear a bit that I actually did do some damage.
On the positive side of doing so well right now, I've already spoke with the company nurse (yeah, we have one ) and we agreed that I'd start next week with my small route on the Wednesday and Friday and see how things will go from there one. She specifically forbid me to get into industrial areas (which is my big route) for now, in case I'd get an attack and lie there for hours before someone finds me..

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