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Diablo III (again)
23 April 2014
Posted in Computer games
It's been quite a long time ago since I last wrote about Diablo III. Truth is that at the time I thought the game just to suck balls and kinda gave up on it. The most important reason for that feeling was the (real money) auction house used in the game. I mean, really, a single player / co-op game with a world wide auction house???

After the recent crash of the HDD and motherboard, I happened to have more than enough space on the new 2Tb HDD and I figured to give Diablo III a new try. To my surprise I saw my brother playing it already and he was quite surprised as well that I was installing it. He opted to duo once in a while with his lowbee character so we could have fan playing the game together.

Because it's been so long ago that I last played Diablo III I decided to reroll my character. I deleted the old Which Doctor and made a Sorcerer instead, figuring that with ranged damage I could survive a bit better than with the Which Doctor who had quite a DPS problem.

We talked a bit and he came up with the 'cow level' from Diablo II. Well, Diablo II is one I never played, and he wanted to show it to me...
All I can say is that this was a weird-ass level!

Of course, playing through the content, I also came at the Skeleton King once again. Where last time I fought him on normal level and thought it to be a hard fight, this time I'm playing on hard level and was prepared for anything!
Hmm... Prepared for anything... Honestly, I think this time it was quite easy to kill the Skeleton King compared to what I remembered from my previous character...

Only problem left is the expansion 'Reaper of Souls'. Because I haven't played Diablo III for for quite some time, I didn't bother to buy it when it came out. But with my birthday coming up next week and my wife always having a problem getting me a present, she mostly asks me to buy my own present. And I think you already guess what I bought...

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